Lighters Wholesale - How to Make Money and Get Free Advertising

Need cheap advertising? Buy printed lighters wholesale and reap twofold benefits.

Buying printed lighters wholesale and then selling them at your convenience store, hotel or retail store is a great way to make make extra money and advertise on the cheap.

In the current economic environment, advertising is a necessity that's become a luxury for many small businesses. Stores and hotels struggling to meet payroll and debt payments simply don't have the money to afford print, radio and television ads to market themselves, which is unfortunate as good advertising has been proven effective time and time again in helping boost business.

When the going get's tough, the tough get clever. That's why many small businesses are finding smart, low-cost ways to do marketing. One of the most effective and low-cost methods is buying bulk lighters wholesale and selling them.

Printed lighters carry your business name and logo, which your customer or the people he's hanging with will see every time the customer lights up. Considering that people tend to smoke in groups, and that the average smoker smokes at least a pack of cigarettes per day, just one lighter has the potential to make several contacts per day.

These products are actually one of the few ways that you can market without losing money. Lighters have a very cheap wholesale price, but can be sold at a mark-up of 100 to 400 percent.

A few pointers...

Here's a few tips for successfully buying printed lighters wholesale and selling them to spread your message.

Find a reliable seller who has sufficient product to meet your demand and fills orders on time. Don't waste your time or your money with unreliable suppliers.

Make sure the lighters work. Even though they're a cheap, disposable product, selling customers something with your name on it that doesn't work isn't going to create the favorable impression of your business.

Print complete information on the lighters. Include name, address, phone number and Web page if possible. At the very least, have your name and phone number on the lighter. People can't do business with you if they can't find you.

Have a memorable name or logo. The better your name or logo stands out, the more likely it is that it'll stick with potential customers who see the lighters.

Summary: Buying printed lighters wholesale and selling them at a mark-up is a great way to advertise without losing money.

Now that you know how to successfully use printed cigarette lighters to market your business, the next step is to find a reliable seller you can buy the lighters wholesale from and then get started boosting your business with this simple, but effective marketing strategy.

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