Selecting Your Niche In The Wholesale Business

If you have recently started in the wholesale business one of the first challenges you will notice is the highly competitive nature of the wholesale business. For starters, pretty much anyone can enter the wholesale business and call themselves a wholesaler simply by having a case of merchandise that they are looking to sell.

Then on the other end of the wholesale spectrum you have large wholesalers who work hand in hand with manufacturers and importers who can offer close to cost prices simply because they are working on volume.

While the average wholesaler is looking for special deals, many times the true deals are reserved for large wholesale customer who can buy in volume directly from manufacturers and importers.

So how can a new entrant to the wholesale market place stay competitive, and at the same time beat out the ever growing level of competition?

According to Donny Lowy, the CEO of and [], "For starters, the first decision that a wholesaler needs to make is to decide what his or her focus will be."

By selecting a niche within the wholesale business, the wholesaler will be able to learn how to serve that niche well, and will soon learn the ins and outs of that segment of the wholesale business.

Once the wholesaler has made that decision the next step in developing a solid wholesale strategy is to find products that are needed in that niche that have unique features to them.

So if a wholesaler is selling to retail watch stores, and the wholesaler has decided to focus on selling silver watch bands, then the wholesaler might decide to offer glow in the dark silver watch bands.

While that type of product will definitely need some selling to be introduced into the retail market place I can assure you that it will help the wholesaler capture a decent percentage of the market place if done successfully.

The key is to select a niche within your wholesale business, and then introduce a unique product to that marketplace that the more established and larger wholesalers are not offering.

By following this effective strategy with your wholesale business you will be able to gain a foothold in even the most competitive wholesale markets.

Donny Lowy is the CEO of, an online wholesale and closeout business.

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