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We all want to be the top seller online and the best way to achieve this goal is to give your customers real reason to decide that your online shop sets itself apart from the other online shops. Practically, to be a standout online shop means selling standout quality products. The next question is, where do we find such products? Before you go full blast with wholesale business, please prepare a checklist that includes the following points. Which type of products are you scouting for your store? If you want to specialize in vintage and want to create a product niche in vintage, you may want to think twice about selling the newly released mobile phone. Based on the number of current sales, clothes, jewelry and electronic products are always welcomed into the market with great demand. Which type of supplier would you like to get steady order from? Have you decided to sell only original products or even similar products from low-cost manufacturers? Lastly, what specific products do you want to include in your shop? Branded items, fairly new, classically old, recycled or even liquidation items?

Being in wholesale business for quite a while, I know that you can surely find great wholesale products from the sources we will cover. This will certainly launch your online sales to success or restore it to its perfect income-generating health.

An online auction powerhouse, eBay, tried and tested by times, even included in local news with great raves about previously sold products is a credible source of wholesale products. Just search for the appropriate product categories. Type in cosmetics for the latest line of make-up or electronics for the latest gadget and you can easily zoom in a product that you have in mind. For your security, be able to check feedback from other sellers, connect with sellers online, ask them questions, inspect a product for quality, complete payment, making eBay ahead in the game of providing everything you need for your online business.

China has always been a consistent supplier to the market. However, a given downside to it is the barrier of language and distance. You do not want to get a supplier that does not have set up offices in key locations around the world, or worst, place an order which has been out of business for years. But we cannot discount the fact that they are able to come up with incredibly low prices that you will wonder if the manufacturing laborers were ever paid for it. The Chinese suppliers also empower a lot of sellers to come up with their own brands and start their own line of products since most of the manufacturers in China agree to distribute brand-less wholesale products that you can sell with your name on it.

Business-to-business portals allow you access to a long list of credible wholesale business suppliers. However, most of them make use of an immediate registration system that may contribute to wasting time and fraud. So if any company, legit or fraudulent can easily be included in this list upon completion of an automatic registration system in place, then you are exposing your business to a greater risk of fraudulent transactions.

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