Searching For Wholesale Shoes - Using a Wholesale Directory to Find the Right Shoe Supplier

Finding a reliable wholesale shoe distributor can be a challenge, especially if you are not sure where to start. Finding lists of wholesalers is easy, but verifying credibility can be a long and tenuous affair.

In the age of the internet, it seems like it should be quite easy to simply go into a search engine and type in "wholesale shoe distributor." However, doing a general internet search would return thousands of websites from around the world. This search would also return a number of fraudulent sites just waiting to take your money.

If you were to go about this method of searching for a wholesale shoe distributor, you would want to go through the tedious process of verifying those sites that you are interested in. This includes looking at the websites to see if they carry the shoes and brands that you are looking to sell, then checking their contact information to see if they are legitimate. You may try calling or writing. Once again, since this is a global search, you may be dealing with some language, cultural or time differences.

One question you may be asking is "How do I verify a foreign supplier as legitimate?" Many countries require legitimate companies to register in some manner. For example, China requires companies that export goods to apply for a certificate of Import and Export. China also requires a registration numbers from the Business Information Center. All you need to do is request a copy of these two forms. If the company is legitimate, they will be happy to send you these documents.

While all of this is time consuming and may prove to be fruitless, there is a better way to find wholesale shoes on the internet. Use of an online wholesale directory can not only provide you with a more directed search engine, but also specific company information. You need to find the right wholesale directory in order to avoid scams. However, Salehoo and some other directories have good reputations and provide high levels of customer service along with their search capabilities.

Many wholesale directories, including Salehoo, provide member forums so that you can see feedback on the vendors. In addition, you can compare multiple vendors to see who has the best deals. When looking for a wholesale shoe supplier, consider the time and expense that you can put into the search. If you do it yourself, you may not get the best deal and you may waste a lot of time. Use of a wholesale directory can save you time, energy, and ultimately, save your business money.

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