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Triangle Highlighters

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50 Products Found in Wholesale Triangle Highlighters

  • Tri-lighter (TM) Tri-lighter (TM) - Three Color Fluorescent Triangle Highlighter


    #OT1472922 : 20150331

    : $1.3

    Tri-Lighter (TM) 3 color fluorescent triangular shaped highlighter. 3 1/2" diameter. Choose from White, Translucent Blue or Clear housing. Yellow, Pink and Green Highlighters. Material: Color: Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, ...

  • Gel triangle highlighter.


    #OT1472871 : 20150331

    : $1.09

    The Gel Highlighter is sure to be the "highlight" of your next marketing campaign! This highlighter features a white triangular shaped body and comes with yellow, pink and green tips and gel. Measuring 3 1/2" in diameter, this handy office tool will ...

  • Small Triangle Highlighter


    #OT846402 : 20150331

    : $.53

    Small Triangle Highlighter. 4 spot col print available or full colour process ...

  • Triangle Highlighter


    #OT805476 : 20150331

    : $.54

    Basic triangle highlighter with 3 coloured highlighters. Yellow, Green and Pink. 4 spot col print available or full colour process ...

  • Tri-Lighter 3 In 1 Triangle Highlighter


    #OT211515 : 20150330

    : $1.2

    Features:Get 3 highlighters in oneWith a triangular shaped designGreat to have for school or even at the officeInk color is indicated by cap colorWith Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green and Fluorescent Pink Highlighter colorsMaterials:PlasticSize:...

  • Scripto® Triangle Highlighter


    #OT202737 : 20150330

    : $.98

    Features:A fun update to the tri-lighter.Yellow, pink and green tips.Materials:ABS PlasticSize:H 3.25" x W 0" x L 3.25"Color(s):WhiteProduction Time:1 business dayColor Print:Price includes a one color Color Print.Setup/Plate Charge Required.Imprint ...

  • Triangle Highlighters


    #OT108048 : 20150330

    : $1.15

    It never seems to fail, you put your highlighter on your desk just for two seconds and it rolls off into the black hole that is the space between your desk and the wall. You can save your customers from dealing with this though by giving them a Trian...

  • Triangle Highlighter Pen


    #OT104922 : 20150330

    : $.65

    When just one color isn't good enough, give your customers the Holy Trinity of Highlighters with customizable Triangle Highlighter Pens!Terrific for the avid reader, especially college students and professors, your Triangle Highlighter Pens will cert...

  • Scripto Triangle Highlighter


    #OT8721 : 20150330

    : $1.87

    A fun update to the tri-lighter. Yellow, pink and green tips.Price includes one color, one location Silk Screen imprint. Other imprint methods/areas may be available; . Please note that product images may not depict the standard impr...

  • Triangular highlighter with chisel tips and removable caps.


    #OT1472829 : 20150226

    : $1.3

    Triangular highlighter with chisel tips and removable caps. Material: Color: Normal Production Time: 7 business day(s) Size: Price Includes:one color imprint. Set Up Charges:$28 ...

  • Promotional Triangular Highlighter


    #OT922050 : 20150226

    : $.64

    Popular highlighter with green, yellow and magenta nibs. Generous print area. Dimensions90 x 90 x 10ColoursWhite/Assorted ColoursPrint type and positionImprint Type: ScreenImprint Locations: BodyImprint Dimensions: 40(w) x 39(h)All dim...

  • Scripto (R) - Plastic triangular highlighter.


    #OT1472799 : 20150226

    : $1.46

    Get your next campaign off on the "write" foot, with the Scripto Triangle Highlighter. These helpful writing companions are a fun update to the tri-lighter, featuring yellow, pink, and green tips. These highlighters make excellent giveaway items for ...

  • Promotional Triangular Highlighter Pen


    #OT928452 : 20150226

    : $1.22

    Tri-Lighter Highlighter pen with 3 colour inks, yellow, green & pink. Printed full colour. ColoursWhite/VariousPrint type and positionImprint Type: DigitalImprint Locations: 1 SideImprint Dimensions: 40(d) ...

  • Printed Triangular Highlighter


    #OT922008 : 20150225

    : $1.57

    Popular highlighter with green, yellow and magenta nibs. Generous print area. Full colour printing available. Dimensions12ColoursWhite/Assorted ColoursPrint type and positionImprint Type: ScreenImprint Locations: BodyImprint Dimensions:&nbs...

  • Triangular Highlighter


    #OT846387 : 20150225

    : $1.29

    Three highlighters in one. Manufactured from imprintable plastic. Available on a 24-Hour Express at no extra cost. (Single colour printing, max 5,000 pcs). Th...

  • Drimark Erasable Triple Triangular Highlighter


    #OT168570 : 20150208

    : $1.12

    Features:Simply write over your unwanted yellow or pink highlights with the erasable marker tipHighlights will disappear instantlyTriangular component includes pink highlighter, yellow highlighter and eraser, all in oneLarge chisel tip highlighterGre...

  • Erasable Triple Triangular Highlighter


    #OT125178 : 20150204

    : $2.07

    Simply write over your unwanted yellow or pink highlights with the erasable marker tip. Highlights will disappear instantly. Triangular component includes pink highlighter, yellow highlighter and eraser, all in one. Clear solution erases highlights f...

  • Triangular Highlighter


    #OT106602 : 20150204

    : $1.26

    Three heads are better than one. Well, at least when it comes to Triangular Highlighters, they are. We here at Quality Logo Products know that nobody wants to limit their highlighting capability to just one color. So that's why we're happy to offer t...

  • BIO Trimark Triangular Highlighter with Clear Body and Caps


    #OT6639 : 20150204

    : $1.23

    This unique biodegradable highlighter features a clear body and clear caps. Biodegradable in as few as 500 days when placed in a landfill site.Product Dimensions: 3-5/8" x 3-5/8" x 3-5/8".  Imprint Dimensions: 2-1/2"H ...

  • Mini Tri Highlighter


    #OT105186 : 20150204

    : $.6

    Few things are as wonderfully useful as the Mini Tri Highlighter. Because let's be honest: one highlighter color is never enough, and holding on to multiple highlighters can take up space. So by making this highlighter from Quality Logo Products your...


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