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  • STOCK DESIGN CELLO BAGS - Merry Penguins


    #OT1092570 : 20150331

    : $32.41

    1.2 mil design print ABX (Acrylic Coated Polypropylene) cellane bags with side gussets. 4x2x9.5 Discount Code 3P FOB Los Angeles, CA or Greensboro, NC. Imprinting Method None available. Blank only. Item Size 4...



    #OT1061172 : 20150331

    : $.85

    Handy and durable Bag Tags are a must for travelers. Popular with Corporate Incentive, Travel, Schools, Sports, Travel Industry, Tourism,Transportation and many more. Price Note: Styrene / 4-Color Print ...



    #OT1026336 : 20150331

    : $1.29

    Dog Tags (DTG) are the perfect item to promote your message to kids, teenagers and young adults. They are popular with everyone from grade school age through college years. Price Note: Dog Tags PVC (White) - 4-Color Print ...

  • PENGUIN (Standing) DOG TAG


    #OT1026333 : 20150331

    : $1.29

    Dog Tags (DTG) are the perfect item to promote your message to kids, teenagers and young adults. They are popular with everyone from grade school age through college years. Price Note: Dog Tags PVC (White) - 4-Color Print ...

  • Broadway - White - Stuffed plush toy bear 6", wearing a t-shirt. T-shirt is included.


    #OT1440783 : 20150331

    : $5.88

    White - Stuffed plush 6" toy bear, wearing a t-shirt. T-shirt is included. Material: Color: White Normal Production Time: business day(s) Size: 6 " Price Includes:one color imprintSet Up Charges:$25 ...

  • Bean Bag Buddies Chelsea Teddy Bear (TM) - Bean bag plush toy


    #OT1259796 : 20150331

    : $6.98

    Give your organization a friendly face when you use our Bean Bag Buddies in your next marketing campaign. These small stuffed animals have an overall size of 7," but are only 6" when sitting. Their embroidered eyes give them a friendly gaze, and make...

  • Mascot Chelsea Teddy Bear (TM) - Plush toy, 8".


    #OT1259775 : 20150331

    : $7.88

    Tug the heartstrings of kids and adults alike with plush promotional mascots for your favorite teams. Choose from a wide range of popular sports mascots or select a cuddly creature that everyone loves. The convenient 8" size of these promotional masc...

  • WeeBeans (TM) Animal FairThree inch plush toy animal with silver ball chain, blank.


    #OT1259667 : 20150331

    : $2.5

    Soften hearts with this adorable WeeBeans (TM) stuffed animal. The WeeBeans (TM) 3-inch plush toy animal comes with a silver ball chain. It's a great ideal for event handouts, tradeshow give-away's, and perfect for corporate tie-ins. Appeal to the s...

  • Tyvek 3/4" Stock Design Wristband - Penguins


    #OT786450 : 20150305

    : $.084

    Tyvek wristbands are made from DuPont Tyvek , the best in the world. The security adhesive closure assures maximum security. The specially formulated adhesive is also guaranteed to not fail in water use. Tyvek is an excellen...

  • Penguin Alarm Clock


    #OT751167 : 20150305

    : $

    Penguin style alarm clock, made of wood, with battery inside. Lovely and practicable, suitable for children. 5.5" H x 4.3" W x 1.6" D   Category: Clocks Colors...

  • Paws N Claws Lunch Bag


    #OT687426 : 20150305

    : $3.78

    210D polyester with Mylar® lining Insulated Exclusive copyrighted designs Animals prints with fun 3-dimensional features! Fold-over hook and loop tape closure Front slip pocket 18" handle. 7" W x 9" H x 4" D  ...

  • Youth Novelty Flannel Low Rider Pants With Blue Penguins (Xs-l)


    #OT583773 : 20150305

    : $

    Youth, Flannel, Novelty, Low Rider, Hip, Wide Leg Cut, Penguin, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large   Category: Pants Colors: Blue, Black Trim, White Trim, Ye...

  • Penguin Bottle Opener With LED Flashlight & Keychain


    #OT535932 : 20150305

    : $1.05

    Penguin shape bottle opener with LED flashlight and keychain. Super bright white bulb. Strong metal bottle opener. Batteries inserted. Good for key holder, key tag, key chain, flashlight, outdoor, school, camping, emergency,...

  • Penguin Shaped Key Holder W/ Flashlight & Bottle Opener


    #OT533193 : 20150305

    : $1.1

    Penguin shape LED flashlight, bottle opener with split key ring. Cell batteries included. Designed for promo gift, hotel, motel, school, vacation, key tag, key chain, safety program, outdoors, camping, emergency, sports, tra...

  • Penguin Shape LED Flashlight With Bottle Opener & Split Ring


    #OT532779 : 20150305

    : $1.13

    Penguin shape LED flashlight with bottle opener and split ring, battery included. Super bright white LED light with strong metal opener. Ideal for key holder, key tag, key chain, key ring, safety program, emergency, travel, ...

  • Plush Penguin Stuffed Animal


    #OT466425 : 20150305

    : $4.33

    Our 7" Penguin is the perfect promotional item for any company. From computer software to sports teams, the penguin is universal and can be adapted to any company. Penguins can handle the harshest conditions in the world and...

  • 6" Custom Penguin (Larry)


    #OT465282 : 20150305

    : $

    6" Custom Penguin (Larry). 6" H   Category: Animals-Stuffed Colors: White/Orange/Black Themes: Animal, Winter, C...

  • 15" Ante Penguin


    #OT465273 : 20150305

    : $12

    Ante is a super soft 15" orange and black Emperor Penguin that is best decorated with an imprinted scarf. This Limited Edition Emperor Penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species. Ante can be an attract...

  • 5" Custom Penguin


    #OT464889 : 20150305

    : $

    Penguins may not be able to fly, but your marketing schemes will soar if you use our cute plush toy. Show customers that your company, like a penguin, is prepared to withstand any tough situation. This arctic bird is perfect...

  • 9" Pompom Penguin Assortment


    #OT464445 : 20150305

    : $9.92

    As a member of the Aurora family, the PomPom Penguin Assortment is made from high quality child safe materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards. PomPom Penguin makes a great addition to your next winter and Chr...

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