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  • Promotional Outdoor Set Nembus


    #OT973632 : 20150331

    : $15.54

    Outdoor set Nembus. This tin box with elevated mountain relief contains three outdoor essentials Tin.  Prices include a one colour print. Origination extra. ...

  • Promotional Outdoor Set Polaris


    #OT973515 : 20150331

    : $23.3

    Outdoor Set Polaris. Strap this pouch to your belt and you're on your way discovering nature. This pouch is packed with a compass to find your way, a pair of 4 x 30 binoculars to spot birds or deers, a dynamo tor...

  • Promotional Outdoor Set Chara


    #OT973491 : 20150331

    : $14.92

    Outdoor set Chara. This convenient pouch with belt strap and carabiner offers two great survival tools 420D nylon ribstop.  Prices include a one colour print. Origination extra. ...

  • Promotional Outdoor set with Compass Card


    #OT966837 : 20150331

    : $12.82

    Outdoor set complete in a black zip up case 11,5 X 9 X 2,5cm All above incude a one colour logo Print set up extra ...

  • Printed 7-piece outdoor set with bag


    #OT960564 : 20150331

    : $

    This 7-piece set is perfect for all outdoor fans. It contains binoculars, a pocket knife, LED light, compass, emergency whistle and a rain poncho, the perfect equipment for outdoor activities. ColoursBlackPrint type and positionImprint Type: Scr...

  • Promotional Outdoor Set 6pc in bag


    #OT951027 : 20150331

    : $28.22

    Outdoor set Survival 6 pieces in beige bag Dimensions210mm (W) x210mm (H) x50mm (D)ColoursBeige, BlackPrint type and positionImprint Type: PrintImprint Locations: 1 PositionAll dimensions are in millimetres ...

  • Chill and Grill Outdoor Kit - 24 hr


    #OT248331 : 20150305

    : $56.99

     Just one thing to grab on their way out the door to the big game!  Black 210-denier polyester bag offers a large cooler on top and a portable outdoor grill inside the bottom compartment.  Black metal grill (11-1/2" high x ...

  • Zip Sun Kit


    #OT217107 : 20150305

    : $2.15

    Features:Brightly colored translucent zip bag with hang clipContains two Sunscreen packets, one Blistex, two latex-free adhesive bandages, one antiseptic towelette, two moist towelettesCompact and excellent for trade show give-awaysMaterials:Phthalat...

  • Mini outdoor kit. Perfect for outdoor activities.


    #OT1706793 : 20150226

    : $1.6

    Mini outdoor kit. Perfect for outdoor activities. Just the right mix of items at budget pricing. Contents: 2 sunscreen packets, 2 Nice and Clean (R) packets, 1 Blistex (R) packet, and 4 bandage strips. Material: Color: Norma...

  • Outdoor kit, handsome new design.


    #OT1706100 : 20150226

    : $12.85

    This handsome new design is based on our first kit & best selling kit, a great all-around kit for any outdoor related activity. Rugged 600 Denier nylon exterior & oversized hook! Includes: 1 Ice Pack, 2 Packest Aloe Burn Gel, 2 Premium Sunscreen Pac...

  • Outdoor kit.


    #OT1431282 : 20150226

    : $3.4

    Don't be left out in the cold! Imprint your custom logo on this economical promotional product. Durable polyester, zipper top closure. Amenities include three 3/4" bandages, 3 mini bandages, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 3 jumbo bandage, 2 first aid cream...

  • Very attractive outdoor kit.


    #OT1430805 : 20150226

    : $6.9

    Going on vacation to the beach or on a cruise? If so, we have a very attractive outdoor kit for you to take along. Dollar for dollar, this kit is a great value. Includes an oversized clip for attaching to just about anything! Includes: 2 Afterbur...

  • Outdoor kit with Handsome new design.


    #OT1430724 : 20150226

    : $13.25

    This handsome new design is based on our first best selling kit. This is a great all-around kit for any outdoor related activity. Rugged 600 Denier nylon exterior. Includes oversized hook! Includes: 1 Afterbite Sting Stick, 2 Natrapel Insect Repe...

  • Outdoor kit offers all the practical items needed for a day outdoors!


    #OT1430616 : 20150226

    : $10.75

    This outdoor kit offers everything from insect relief to personal first aid. The first aid quick facts card will help in a minor injury. Great for camping or just about any outdoor event. Attractive nylon bag features oversized hook. Includes: 1 Pre...

  • Chill and Grill - Outdoor kit with large cooler compartment, grill and tongs.


    #OT1392372 : 20150226

    : $66.75

    Chill out and grill out with this all-in-one tailgating set! Ideal for summertime fun and company promotions, this black 210-denier polyester bag offers a large cooler on top and a portable outdoor grill inside the bottom compartment. Grill and tongs...

  • Value pack outdoor kit with reusable bag.


    #OT1306611 : 20150226

    : $4.95

    Value pack outdoor kit with reusable bag includes (1) pain reliever, (1) triple antibiotic ointment, (2) bandage strips, (1) sunscreen packet, (1) Blistex (R), (1) After Bite (R), and (1) antiseptic wipe. Value at its best is what this kit offers. Al...

  • No Burn - Clear plastic glide zipper pouch outdoor kit.


    #OT1261110 : 20150226

    : $3.85

    Warm up to the bright sun rays with this No-Burn outdoor kit. This clear plastic glide zipper pouch contains 1 oz. aloe vera gel in plastic bottle, lip balm, 1 oz. hand sanitizer gel in plastic bottle and 1 oz. SPF 30 sunscreen lotion in plastic bott...

  • All American - Outdoor kit with reusable bag, 8" x 5".


    #OT1270122 : 20150226

    : $6.95

    All American outdoor kit with reusable bag includes (1) sunscreen packet, (1) aloe gel, (2) Blistex (R) packets, (2) antiseptic wipes, (2) lens wipes, (2) cleansing towelettes, (3) bandage strips, (2) safety pins, and (1) pain reliever packet. A per...

  • Outdoor kit with reusable mesh draw-string pouch.


    #OT1270116 : 20150226

    : $5.95

    Outdoor kit with reusable mesh draw-string pouch includes (1) sunscreen packet, (1) Blistex (R) packet, (1) Natrapel (R) packet, (3) bandage strips, (1) Calagel (R) packet, (2) cleansing towelettes and (2) After Sting (R) packets. Neat little pouch w...

  • Attractive outdoor kit.


    #OT1225008 : 20150226

    : $9.3

    This attractive outdoor kit has a variety of applications, such as the beach or other outdoor events. Includes an oversized clip for attaching to just about anything and all the items you need for a day in the sun! Includes: 1 SPF 15 Lip Balm, 2 Su...

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