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10 Products Found in Wholesale Sticky Notes Holders

  • Sticky note organizer.


    #OT1529298 : 20150225

    : $8.09

    Sticky note organizer. Great for reminders, this Sticky Note organizer includes a 4-yea calendar; two 2 1/2" x 1 13/16" self adhesive pads and 8 colorful self adhesive note flags. Material: Color: Black Normal Production Time...

  • Deluxe UltraHyde sticky note organizer.


    #OT1401867 : 20150225

    : $5.25

    Help keep your clients organized with the Deluxe UltraHyde sticky note organizer. This organizer includes four 50-page 1-1/2" x 1" sticky notepads, sticky note flags in 8 colors and 2-sided 4-year removable calendar. Measuring 3-1/2" H x 4-5/8" W, th...

  • UltraHyde sticky note organizer with calendar.


    #OT1401858 : 20150225

    : $4.36

    Keep all your notes organized with the Sticky note organizer! This organizer includes two 80-page refillable, 3" x 3" sticky notepads, sticky note flags in 3 colors and two-sided four-year removable calendar. The calendar measures 2-7/8" in height an...

  • Sticky Note Organizer with Calendar


    #OT206919 : 20150208

    : $5.89

    Features:Includes a 4 year calendar, two 2 1/2" x 1 13/16" self-adhesive pads and 8 colorful self-adhesive note flagsSize:1 1/8"h x 4"w x 4"dColor(s):BlackProduction Time:7-10 business daysSilk Screen:Price includes a one color Silk Screen.Setup/Pla...

  • Leatherette Sticky Note Organizer


    #OT183480 : 20150204

    : $2.4

    Features:Contains one 3" x 3" yellow sticky pad and one pink and one green 3" x 1" sticky flags (150 each colour)Two-sided 2014/2014 calendar (ENGLISH ONLY)Materials:PVC LeatheretteSize:6" W x 3.5" H x 0.75"DColor(s):BlackProduction Time:7-10 busines...

  • Multi-color Sticky Note Organizer


    #OT123900 : 20150204

    : $4.86

    Leatherette organizer contains two yellow 3" x 3" sticky notepads. multi-color sticky note flags in 3 colors and a 2-sided 4-year removable calendar....

  • Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer


    #OT122025 : 20150204

    : $5.34

    Do you have a reputation for being the most organized person in the office? If you answered yes, or wished you had, then this is the promotion for you.This organizer contains four 1-1/2" x 1" sticky notepads, multi-color sticky note flags i...

  • 500 Sticky Note Organizer (7"x4"x1")


    #okokv515364 : 20141127

    : $6.34

    Sticky Note Organizer. Smooth PVC leatherette. Contains two white 3"x3" sticky pads and 3 neon colored 3"x1" sticky note flags. Two sided calendar 2011-2012 (English only). 7" W x 4" H x 1" DImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • 500 Sticky Note Organizer (7"x4"x1") Blank


    #okokv515346 : 20141126

    : $3.78

    Sticky Note Organizer. Smooth PVC leatherette. Contains two white 3"x3" sticky pads and 3 neon colored 3"x1" sticky note flags. Two sided calendar 2011-2012 (English only). 7" W x 4" H x 1" D  ...

  • Sticky Note Organizer


    #okokv220671 : 20141125

    : $3.38

    Design Patent #D599,407S. UltraHyde. Includes two 80 page refillable 3"x3" sticky notepads, sticky note flags in 3 colors and 2-sided 4-year removable calendar. Calendar size: 2 7/8" H x 6 5/16" W. 3 1/2" L x 6 3/4" W x 1" HImprint Method: Screen pr...


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