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Bathroom Scales

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10 Products Found in Wholesale Bathroom Scales

  • Printed Reflects 2-in-1 bathroom scale


    #OT919965 : 20150331

    : $

    Reflects 2-in-1 bathroom scale with clock Aleksin. Dimensions300 x 320 x 49ColoursBlackPrint type and positionImprint Type: PadImprint Locations: 1 PositionImprint Dimensions: 100(w) x 40(h)All dimensions are in millimetres ...

  • Printed Diet bathroom scale


    #OT919230 : 20150331

    : $33.9

    Digital bathroom scale with tempered glass platform. Capacity: 180 kg. Delivered with 2 button cell batteries. Dimensions350mm (W) x350mm (H) x35mm (D)ColoursPrint type and positionImprint Type: PrintImprint Locations: 1 PositionAll dimensi...

  • Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale


    #ov552990 : 20141127

    : $27

    Features 4 strain gauge sensors, 2 7/8"x2 1/8" LCD display, 1/4" tempered safety glass platform, auto on/off, and low battery indicator. Weight capacity is 330lbs (150kgs), weight graduation 100g. 3-volt lithium battery included. Gift boxed. 11 3/8"...

  • Mini Bathroom Scale


    #ov552930 : 20141127

    : $5.81

    This mini bathroom scale is made of tempered glass and is only 6m thick. Its blue LCD back light is powered by 2 AAA batteries(included). It has a weighing range of 5-150kg(11-330 lb/0.31-23 st), with a scale division of 100g(0.2 lb). 10" L x 5" W x...

  • HealthSmart Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale


    #ov303984 : 20141127

    : $11.58

    Features 4 strain gauge sensors, 2-7/8"x1-1/8" LCD display, 1/4" tempered safety glass platform, auto on/off and low battery indicator. Weight capacity is 330 lbs (150kgs), weight graduation 100g. 3 volt lithium battery included. Measures 11-3/8"x11"...

  • Bathroom scale, 440 lbs


    #PONE598170 : 20141010

    : $

    Material: PlasticMinimum Production Time: 30 day(s)Size: 10"IMPRINT METHODSilkscreen QUR ...

  • Round bathroom scale


    #PONE598182 : 20141010

    : $

    Material: PlasticColor: SilverMinimum Production Time: 30 day(s) ...

  • Digital bathroom scale


    #PONE99777 : 20141010

    : $

    Features 6 mm tempered safety glass, automatic zero resetting and automatic switch off in 60 seconds. It makes accurate measures when trying to cut pounds. Power supply: Cell batteries (included). Gift box.Color: SilverMinimum Production Time: 5 day...

  • Digital bathroom scale with automatic on/off


    #PONE840714 : 20141010

    : $

    Digital bathroom scale. Max/min capacity 150kg (330 lb)/2kg (4.4 lb). Graduation 100g (0.2 lb). LCD 65 x 26mm (2.6" x 1"). Plastic platform and 2 CR2032 batteries. Automatic on/off. Pricing does not include US custom duty.IMPRINT METHODSilkscre...

  • Bathroom scale


    #PONE840603 : 20141010

    : $

    Digital bathroom scale. Max/min capacity 180kg (396 lb)/2kg (4.4 lb). Graduation 100g (0.2 lb). LCD 65 x 45mm (2.6" x 1.8"). Plastic platform and 2 CR2032 batteries. Automatic on/off. Pricing does not include US custom duty.IMPRINT METHODSilksc...


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