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9 Products Found in Wholesale Air Purifiers

  • Promotional Gift our Car air purifier


    #OT1099716 : 20150331

    : $14.82

    Car air purifier. Plugs easily and directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket. Generates negative ions to eliminate odors and allergens for a fresher driving environment. It can purify smelly, poisonous, harmful air inside the car and eliminate bacte...

  • Ionize Fresh Air Purifier for Auto Car


    #ov491148 : 20141127

    : $5

    Fresh air purifier oxygen bar ionize mini for auto car. This product produces the ozone and anion can rapidly eliminate the car inside soot, peculiar smell, and have force sterilization, the purification air, make your car as like bathes in the fores...

  • Air Purifier with Apple shape


    #ov491028 : 20141127

    : $16.92

    It can release 3 million oxygen anion per second, which greatly improves our surrounding environment. Also, it can reduce the bad impacts of Computer radiation.Imprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • 4-Stage Filter Electric Air Purifier/ Ionizer


    #ov479388 : 20141127

    : $158

    Features built-in ionizer, adjustable speed control, timer, HEPA filter, polypropylene filter, cold catalyst filter, and carbon filter. Measures 12 3/4" x 17" x 6 1/8". Includes remote control and Limited 5 year warranty. Gift boxed. 12 3/4" W x 17"...

  • Air Purifiers


    #ov479358 : 20141127

    : $16.83

    Air purifiers can produce active oxygen and clear air, good for your health. 3 1/2" L x 3 3/4" W x 3" H  ...

  • Car Plug In Air Purifier w/ Blue LED Light


    #ov334167 : 20141127

    : $16.53

    Uses advanced negative ions air movement technology. Mini size motor. Soundless operation. Plug-in design saves space. Eliminate cigarette smoke thoroughly. Neutralize unpleasant odors and freshen air. Blue LED flashing light. Adjustable angle (range...

  • Ionic Vehicle Air Purifier


    #ov98775 : 20141127

    : $13

    Use advanced ionic breeze technology. Neutralizes unpleasant odor and freshens air. Noiseless, sterilizing, mold proof, without chemicals. Noiseless, sterilizing, mold-proof, without chemicals. On/off switch. Small and portable for car or boat use, p...

  • Refrigerator Air Purifier


    #ov98754 : 20141127

    : $16

    Generate ionic and ozone (O3) to oxidize, remove bacteria that causes food decay and keeps food fresh longer. Low power indicator reminds you to replace batteries. Battery: 4x C (lasts about 150 days). 3" W x 5" HImprint Method: Screen printed/Pad p...

  • USB air purifier / oxygen bar, comes with adapters and instructions


    #PONE796497 : 20141005

    : $

    USB air purifier / oxygen bar. Produces active oxygen for a cleaner air environment. Individually boxed with adapters and instructions.Color: Black, Blue, SilverMinimum Production Time: 10 day(s)Size: 3" x 2.5" x 3.15"ADDITIONAL COLORSAdditional Colo...


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