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    #OT960984 : 20150331

    : $14.95

    From hikers to handymen, everyone will appreciate this multi-tasking pocket knife! Housed inside a handsome brushed metal case is a whole arsenal of handy tools, plus a super-bright LED light for extra convenience. Includes LED light, saw, knife...



    #OT960435 : 20150331

    : $7.08

    All metal construction. LED bulb. 8 bits store in barrel: 4 slotted & 4 Phillips. Batteries included Discount Code (4A) Imprint Location Handle Imprint Method Laser Engrave Imprint Size 2.00”L x 0.18”H Packag...

  • Classic Multi Tool


    #OT951942 : 20150331

    : $22.99

    Tool Includes Pliers Wire Cutter Large and Small Blade Driver Saw Blade Small Medium and Large Flathead Drivers File and Can Opener Durable Aluminum Construction with Pakka Wood Inlaid Handles NOTE: Handles are manufactured with real wood and m...

  • Multi Tool with Flashlight


    #OT951924 : 20150331

    : $

    Click Here to Verify Pricing Minimum order 5000 ...

  • Little Friend Multi Tool


    #OT951210 : 20150331

    : $3.3

    - New Silk Touch finish - Knife blade - Bottle and Can Opener - Corkscrew - Slot screwdriver Discount Code CCC General Product Information - Colours: Black - Products Size: 3" x 1" x 3/4" - Packaging: White Box; 120 ...

  • Thirty four-function multi tool with case, and break away T handle design.


    #OT960927 : 20150331

    : $33.37

    Thirty four-function multi tool with case features break away "T" handle design for added turning torque, along with locking blades. Produced from 400 grade stainless, the wrench head features a unique ergonomically designed handle which allows ...

  • WorkMate Tuff 16 Function Multi Tool


    #OT959415 : 20150331

    : $7.36

    Access to 16 tools in the palm of your hand. High quality rubber edged 16 function tool includes 6 hex keys, Philips head screw driver, driver bit, flat head screw driver, 4-piece ratchet, and 3-piece sockets (8-10mm). D...

  • Stainless Steel Multi Tool with a One-Color Logo


    #OT952218 : 20150331

    : $

    Click Here to Verify Pricing Minimum order 5000 ...

  • Stainless Steel Multi Tool


    #OT951927 : 20150331

    : $

    Click Here to Verify Pricing Minimum order 5000 ...

  • No need for batteries with this hand powered multi tool!


    #OT1368021 : 20150331

    : $15.8

    Never be dependent on dead batteries! This flashlight relies on hand cranking for power. Also powered by the hand crank is a red flashing light. Many other useful tools housed in this clever Carabiner flashlight. White LED Light, Emergency Flash Lig...

  • Leatherman (R) Mut (R) - Multi tool, 5" closed.


    #OT1358403 : 20150331

    : $224.99

    Mut (R) - The first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE or civilian shooters. Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, 154CM replaceable wire cutters, 154CM replaceable hard-wire cutters, stranded-wire cutters, ...

  • Tool Zone (TM) - Multi tool with LED.


    #OT1358196 : 20150331

    : $31.79

    Multi tool with LED. Ingeniously design push button LED light conveniently located for all working situations. Includes pliers, wire cutter, large and small blade, Phillips screwdriver, saw blade, small/medium/large flathead drivers, file, bottle ope...

  • Brookstone (R) - Aluminum alloy/stainless steel 10 in 1 multi tool.


    #OT1358181 : 20150331

    : $37.48

    An essential for every tool box, kitchen drawer and vehicle glove box, make this the first and last tool they grab! Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, this custom imprinted 10-in-1 multi-tasking tool includes spring-actions needed-nose plier...

  • Bottle Opener Multi Tool with LED light


    #OT1357902 : 20150331

    : $8.97

    Great for a beverage company or for tailgating, this handy bottle opener has a 6-in-1 multi tool, which includes: a knife, a Phillips-head screwdriver, an LED torch, a file, a flat-head screwdriver, and a ring-pull opener. The tools easily fold in wh...

  • Barmate Homestyles (TM) - Aluminum bar multi tool.


    #OT1333230 : 20150331

    : $13.49

    Our upgraded aluminum Barmate has a bottle opener, corkscrew and foil blade packaged in a metal gift box. Material: Aluminum Color: Champagne Normal Production Time: 5 business day(s) Size: 7/8 " x 4 1/4 " x 7/8...

  • Digital Full Color Process - Multi Tool consists of Screwdriver, Level, LED.


    #OT1272210 : 20150331

    : $2.55

    Digital Full Color Process - Multi-function tool. Includes two screwdriver bits, Philips and standard, a bubble level and LED light. Material: Color: Normal Production Time: 6 business day(s) Size: 5 1/2 " x 1...

  • Emergency multi tool LED emergency flasher and flashlight.


    #OT1270908 : 20150331

    : $8.14

    Take emergencies into your hands with the Emergency multi tool LED emergency flasher and flashlight. The multi tool LED light contains a stainless steel blade, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, Hex wrench, fish scaler, saw, scissors and nail file....

  • Multi tool kit includes LED flashlight, tire-tread gauge, scraper & keychain.


    #OT1270905 : 20150331

    : $1.467

    Roadside multi-tool includes a LED flashlight, tire tread measuring gauge, slide-out scrape (good for mirrors and wiper blades) and a split ring swivel keychain. Material: Plastic, Polystyrene Color: Blue, Red, White Normal Pr...

  • Precision multi tool with light.


    #OT1270878 : 20150331

    : $7.08

    Looking for a metal multi tool with light? You have found it. The Precision Multi Tool with Light has eight bits that are stored inside the barrel. The tool also features a unique push LED light on the opposite end. Material: Color...

  • Multi tool scissors.


    #OT1209936 : 20150331

    : $6.58

    Multi tool scissors with stainless steel construction. Scissors come apart for easy cleaning, jar lid opener/gripper, bottle opener, screwdriver, serrated edges for tough cuts. Magnetic holder. Scissors separate and blades come apart. ...

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