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    #OT960789 : 20150331

    : $13.1

    Tools include: bottle opener, can opener, fish disgorger, two flat screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, file, knife, wire cutter and wood saw. High-quality, metal construction. Easy-to-grip handle. Nylong case. Folds up and fits easily in pocket ...

  • Supreme Multifunctional Pliers


    #OT951876 : 20150331

    : $23

    - High quality stainless steel (420) construction - Component includes: Pliers, Pliers lock release, Adjustable wrench, knife blade, 3 bits: small and medium size flat bits, Philips bit, Bits holder, Belt clip Discount C...

  • Multi-Function Plier - Black


    #OT951030 : 20150331

    : $8

    Black casing multi-tool with Phillips screwdriver, 3 flathead screwdrivers, 2 knives, bottle opener, can opener, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, mini saw / ruler and nylon belt pouch. Discount Code C Box Height 10 ...

  • Wood Handled Pliers - Steel


    #OT736227 : 20150331

    : $21.95

    Phillips screwdriver, 3 flathead screwdrivers, 2 knives, bottle opener, can opener, pliers, fish scaler, ruler, belt pouch. Discount Code C Box Height 18.70 Box Length 12.20 Box Weight 42 Box Width 9.50 De...

  • Multi-Function Plier - Grey


    #OT736224 : 20150331

    : $20.95

    Multi-function plier tool with cutter, bottle opener, can opener, 3 sizes flat head drivers, Phillips head driver, 2 sizes knife blades, saw, file and nylon belt pouch. Discount Code C Box Height 6.1 Box Length 12...

  • Multi-Function Pliers - Yellow


    #OT736215 : 20150331

    : $14.45

    Mult-function pliers feature spring-loaded pliers with wire cutters, double-tooth saw, double-sided nail file, two flathead screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, fish scaler and 2" ruler, all in a convenient nylon belt p...

  • Carbon Fiber Design Multi-Pliers - Black


    #OT736200 : 20150331

    : $13.45

    Multi-function plier tool with nylon belt pouch and steel tools: spring-loaded pliers and wire cutter, 2" knife, 1" knife, bottle opener, can opener, 3 sizes flat head 1 phillips screwdriver, 1 1/2" file and scissors with plastic and aluminum ha...

  • Multi Plier


    #OT735885 : 20150331

    : $6.79

    - Multi-plier with pliers, wire cutter, bottle opener, file, three flat screwdriver, phillies screwdriver, saw, can opener & knife. - Pouch included - Ship by ocean: 6-8 weeks delivery; FOB Toronto or Buffalo. Discount C...

  • Multimaster - Stainless 17-function tool with needle nose pliers design and screwdriver bits.


    #OT961119 : 20150331

    : $52.64

    Stainless 17-function multi-tool. Needle nose pliers design. Fully stainless construction with locking "L" handle. Offered with nylon pouch, bits and holder. Implement include needle nose pliers, cutters, grippers, coarse/fine file, wave edge, s...

  • Optical suppliers ruler with maple wood frame and white plastic scale on front.


    #OT1528305 : 20150331

    : $14.79

    Optical suppliers ruler with maple wood frame and white plastic scale on front and in metric (MM) and a white plastic scale in back in 32nds (inches) on the backside. Material: Wood Color: Normal Production Time: 10 business ...

  • 8 function multi-tool with pliers, wire stripper, wire cutter, knife, file and more.


    #OT1501107 : 20150331

    : $6.25

    Multi-tool with pouch. 8-function tool. Multi-tool features pliers, wire stripper, wire cutter, knife, file, Phillips and regular screwdriver blades with beaded chain in a nylon pouch with belt loop. Made of 100% stainless steel. Material...

  • Soft feel handle multi-tool with pliers, serrated knife, saw, knives, and more.


    #OT1500918 : 20150331

    : $20.04

    This handy multi tool is like taking your entire tool box with you! This soft feel handle multi tool includes a canvas belt pouch and 13 features: a bottle opener, can opener, dual file, knife (small), knife (large), knife (serrated), pliers, saw, sc...

  • Multi-tool with pliers, knives, ruler, screwdrivers and more.


    #OT1500909 : 20150331

    : $6.47

    Super pliers are like an entire tool kit all in one tool. This handy product has so many uses, your customers will see your brand name frequently. Includes 12 features: bottle opener, can opener, a small and large knife, pliers, ruler, saw, screwdriv...

  • High Sierra (R) Renegade (R) - Multi tool with pliers, wire cutter, can opener, bottle opener, etc.


    #OT1500747 : 20150331

    : $32.44

    High quality High Sierra (R) Multi-tool perfect for any job! Functions include pliers, wire cutter, can opener, bottle opener, 3 flat head screwdrivers, 2 knife blades, serrated knife blade (2.25" 1"), file. Includes carrying pouch. High-end non-s...

  • Juice (R) Cs4 Leatherman (R) - Multi-tool with stainless steel body featuring pliers and saw, 3 1/4" closed.


    #OT1499331 : 20150331

    : $89.5

    Looking for a refreshing twist on your promotional campaign Then this may be just what you need. Our Leatherman (R) multi-tool features a stainless steel body with anodized aluminum handles. This handy device includes needlenose and regular pliers, ...

  • Freestyle Leatherman (R) - Half knife, half plier, a true minimalist tool in every way.


    #OT1499310 : 20150331

    : $53

    Our half knife/half tool Leatherman (R) product features Zytel handle insert and stainless steel body. Opening the outside-accessible blade is easy and fast, just like a pocket knife. Features include needle nose and regular pliers, 420HC stainless s...

  • Skeletool Leatherman (R) - Amazing new lightweight multi-tool with pliers and more.


    #OT1499307 : 20150331

    : $80

    Get down to the bare bones of your marketing campaign with a promotional product that comes in handy for even the smallest of projects. Our amazing new lightweight Leatherman (R) multi-tool features needlenose and regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-w...

  • Juice XE6 (R) Leatherman (R) - Multi-tool with stainless steel body featuring pliers and serrated knife.


    #OT1499208 : 20150331

    : $110

    Looking for a refreshing twist on your promotional campaign Our Leatherman (R) multi-tool features a stainless steel body with anodized aluminum handles. This handy device includes needlenose and regular pliers, wire cutters, 4 screwdrivers, corkscr...

  • Dakota (R)Screwdriver and more included in this multi-function pliers tool. Stainless steel.


    #OT1498845 : 20150331

    : $8

    A promotional product that may be small but has a lot of weight to it! Made of stainless steel and including a nylon pouch, this multi-purpose device features numerous functions in one convenient carrier. Some of which are; needlenose and regular pli...

  • Supertool 300 Leatherman (R) - Award-winning multi-tool with larger, stronger pliers and 19 other tools.


    #OT1498821 : 20150331

    : $93

    New! An award-winning multi-tool. Large pliers are the strongest we've ever produced. Hard and regular wire cutters come standard on the Supertool 300, and because they're removable you can repair or re-sharpen on the spot with the tool's file. 19 to...

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