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  • 28 Piece Tool Kit with Flashlight


    #OT961902 : 20150331

    : $

    Include swivelable alternative krypton light and emergency flashing light, 4 screwdrivers,1 combination rachet/screwdriver 9 sockets, 11 screwheads, 1 extension filment.U se 2 AA batteries. Price Note: Via Sea Click Here to Verify Pric...

  • Emergency Car Kit with Flashlight


    #OT961896 : 20150331

    : $

    Requires 4AA batteries Price Note: Via Sea Click Here to Verify Pricing MATERIAL Plastic/steel Minimum Order Qty 2500 Packaging Individual box Printing Methods Pad Printing, Screen Printing Product Size 26.5 x 16.5 x 1...



    #OT961506 : 20150331

    : $11.3

    6 LED bulbs Flexible magnet shaft retrieves items up to 3.5 lbs and rod extends 20”. Batteries included Discount Code (4A) Color Silver Imprint Location Barrel Imprint Method Laser Engrave Imprint Size 3.50"...

  • Screwdriver Flashlight


    #OT961299 : 20150331

    : $1.2

    2 Reversible Screwdriver Bits and Bright Light AAA Battery Included. Discount Code R Colors Silver, Blue Frost, Red Frost Imprint Area 1/2” x 7/8” Note 500 Pcs. / 33 Lbs. Prices Subject To Change Without Notice...

  • 13-in-1 Multi-Tool Flashlight


    #OT960678 : 20150331

    : $8.9

    Bright 4 LED flashlight with blinking red signal LED safety light. Fold out multi-tool includes a knife, file, saw, scissors, Phillips head screwdriver, fish hook remover, fish scaler, blade screwdriver, medium blade screw driver, can and bottle...

  • WorkMate Tape Measure with Flashlight


    #OT952134 : 20150331

    : $14.74

    Shine some light on your measurements with this 16ft tape measurer. Rubber molded case, features and auto lock with release button. 3 LED flashlights. Includes 2 AAA batteries. Discount Code 2PQ2R Available Imprint Me...

  • Classic Tool Set with Flashlight


    #OT951846 : 20150331

    : $11.1

    - Black case with turquoise trim, includes "T" type ratchet screwdriver handle, 8 sockets, 10 screwdriver bits with plastic holder, 1 magnetic bit holder, 4 precision screwdrivers. - Powerful flashlight operated ...

  • Spidey 8 In One Screwdriver Flashlight


    #OT951774 : 20150331

    : $9.56

    Get your senses ready for this 8-in-One Screwdriver Flashlight. Perfect to keep around the house, this tool has 1 LED light, 3 Phillips head, 3 Flat head, and a small eye glass tool with screw on cap. Press the button once for the flashlight, an...

  • Keychain Tool Flashlight


    #OT951261 : 20150331

    : $1

    Handy multi function light tool keychain that comes with two Phillips and two Flathead screwdrivers that are stored inside the unit. Simply attach the screwdriver bit into the lens socket. Uses 1 AAA battery included. ...

  • Flashlight and Multi-Tool - Blue


    #OT736230 : 20150331

    : $19.95

    All-purpose tool kit features a flashlight and holds a multi-tool with pliers, 10 driver bits and driver, wine bottle opener. Discount Code C Box Height 16.54 Box Length 20.48 Box Weight 41 Box Width 11.03 ...

  • Black Ultraviolet (UV) LED Flashlight


    #OT951603 : 20150331

    : $4

    Ultraviolet (UV) blacklight for detection of counterfeit bills, credit cards, or identification cards. Night clubs and bars use UV stampes where detection and authenticity is needed. Longwave approximately 395 nanometers. 9 UV LED bulbs. On/off ...

  • Tool Kit with Flashlight


    #OT735411 : 20150331

    : $

    All-in-one utility tool kit great for the car, boat, office, or just around the house. Price Note: Via Sea Click Here to Verify Pricing MATERIAL Plastic/steel Minimum Order Qty 2500 Packaging Individual box Printing Method...

  • Retractible Hideaway Toolkit/Flashlight


    #OT735339 : 20150331

    : $

    Brilliant design features for this item include a bright flashlight, tape measure, and clever hideaway compartment for the multifunction screwdriver set. The China Imprint retractible hideaway toolkit is an impressive display of convenient, use...



    #OT731061 : 20150331

    : $1.69

    Discount Code 4R 3 Mode LED Strobe, Blinking, Solid Light GDW Varies Imprint Area 7/8” x 2” Item Size 1 1/2”H x 2 3/4”W Min. Qty. 150 Note Due to the listed, shown imprint areas, logo restrictions wil...

  • Tool Kit with Dynamo Flashlight


    #OT961899 : 20150331

    : $

    Comes with Rechargable Battery Price Note: Via Sea Click Here to Verify Pricing MATERIAL Plastic/steel Minimum Order Qty 2500 Packaging Individual box Printing Methods Pad Printing, Screen Printing Product Size 20.0 x ...

  • Soteria 5-in-1 Flashlight, Radio & Charger


    #OT730497 : 20150331

    : $52

    Ultra bright Flashlight (3 LEDs) Reading Lamp (12 LEDs) with dimmer control to manage brightness of light source. Stand included to position the lamp & assists in illuminating an area. FM Radio with digital scan fwd/back buttons. Emergency siren...

  • Tools - Tool Sets- 41 Pc. Emergency Flashlight Tool Kit


    #OT961041 : 20150331

    : $13.5

    Features a reversible swivel head flashlight and flashing red blinkers for emergencies. Includes a rubber grip ratchet driver, 9 flat screwdriver bits, 7 Phillips screwdriver bits, 3 star bits & 5 hex bits. Also includes a 1/4 bit extension, soc...

  • MiniAluminumFlashlightonCarabinerCustomwithLogo


    #OT1014126 : 20150331

    : $1.98

    This product belongs to: Flashlights Category: Pocket & Purse Subcategory: Key Chains: Metal Ships In: 2 - 3 business days (pending credit, art, and proof approval) Material: Aluminum Dimensions: 4.1 in. W X 0.6 in. H Imprint...

  • HandPoweredLEDFlashlightCustomwithLogo


    #OT1014120 : 20150331

    : $2.29

    This product belongs to: Flashlights Category: Home & Housewares Subcategory: Flashlights Ships In: 3 - 5 business days (pending credit, art, and proof approval) Material: Plastic Dimensions: 2 in. W X 9 in. H X 2.9 in.&...

  • 9-LEDFlashlightCustomwithLogo


    #OT1014114 : 20150331

    : $5.64

    This product belongs to: Flashlights Category: Home & Housewares Subcategory: Flashlights Ships In: 6 - 12 business days (pending credit, art, and proof approval) Material: Aluminum Dimensions: 4 in. W X 1.3 in. H Imprint Are...

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