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19 Products Found in Wholesale Emergency Chargers

  • eco-Lifestyle (TM) - Hand-powered dynamo emergency charger kit / radio.


    #OT1237674 : 20150331

    : $54.95

    All-in-one hand-powered dynamo emergency device with LED flashlight, retractable fluorescent light, AM / FM radio, alarm sound, telescoping antenna and charger adapters for cell phones, in a rugged ABS case. Item cannot support most smartphones and t...

  • Promotional Emergency Charger Kit & Logo Radio - Custom Emergency Kit


    #OT33984 : 20150330

    : $59.95

    This emergency Logo Radio and Promotional Emergency Charger Kit will keep your cell phones and company logo up and running. Hand crank charger keeps the built-in AM/FM radio powered and includes adapters for Motorola ®, Nokia ® and Samsung ...

  • Emergency cell phone charger.


    #OT1585794 : 20150225

    : $9.67

    Emergency cell phone charger. Charge your cell phone with just 1 AA battery. Provides approximately 24 hours of standby time (depending on the brand of cell phone) or 100 to 180 minutes of talk time. Adapters included for major phone brands/models. ...

  • Emergency Phone Charger


    #OT27543 : 20150204

    : $10.33

    Includes adaptors for popular phone models: Nokia (41), Sony Ericsson (26), Samsung (22), and Motorola (8). Charge provides aprox. 24 hours of standby time (Depending on Brand of Mobile Phone) 100 To 120 Minutes of Talk Time. LED Ind...

  • Dynamo Emergency Charger & Safety Flashlight


    #ov410427 : 20141127

    : $26.55

    PVC and aluminum 3-in-1 outdoor travel accessory includes charger, flashlight and compass. Includes USB port which charges portable devices like tablets, iPad, cell phones, iPhone, MP3 players, cameras. Charge via built-in battery or plug into car li...

  • Mobile Phone/ IPod Emergency Charger


    #ov193119 : 20141127

    : $7.75

    Mobile Phone, Cellphone, IpodImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Emergency Charger for iPod & Mobile Phone


    #ov106989 : 20141127

    : $7.58

    Emergency charger for iPod & mobile phone - Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson. 2 AA batteries not included. 3 1/8" L x 1 1/2" WImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Mobile Phone / Ipod Emergency Charger


    #ov106920 : 20141127

    : $6.5

    Mobile Phone, Ipod, Emergency, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, AA Battery. 3 1/8" L x 1 1/2" WImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • USB Rechargeable Emergency Cell Phone Charger with Key Ring Boxed Set


    #ov410946 : 20141127

    : $7.85

    Silver case with USB connector. Rechargeable pottery powered and VIA USB plug from your PC or Notebook computer . 3 interchangeable Cell Phone Adopters: Motorola B, Nokia B and Ericsson B. Rechargeable battery included. 3 3/4" L x 1 7/8" W x 1/2" DI...

  • Emergency Cell Phone Charger for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or Android


    #okokv410499 : 20141127

    : $7.95

    Emergency cell phone charger, charge your cell phone with just 1 AA Battery, provides 100 to 180 minutes of talk time. Adapters included for major phonesImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Emergency Mobile Phone Chargers


    #okokv410862 : 20141127

    : $2.71

    This phone charger includes connectors for most Blackberry, I-phone, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia mobile phones with additional connectors available on request. Simply choose the connector for your phone and let the four batteries (not supplied) char...

  • Emergency Mobile Phone Charger


    #okokv410562 : 20141127

    : $10.82

    * 3 adapters included; iPhone, 5-pin Micro and Mini (fits over 90% of phones) * Transfer efficiency rates as high as 90% * Works on (1) AA battery (NOT INCLUDED) * Allows the for emergency calls. Not intended for daily use. 0.75" Diameter x 2.75" HI...

  • Emergency Cell Phone Charger (2 Hour Talk Time)


    #okokv410379 : 20141127

    : $8.49

    Compact cell phone charger with Aluminum ABS construction allows you to remain charged anywhere. Multiple adaptors fit most phones and allow you to talk while charging your batteries. Requires 1 AA battery. Additional adapters available in all specia...

  • Emergency Cell Phone Charger (Printed)


    #okokv106947 : 20141125

    : $9.67

    Charge Your Cell Phone with Just 1 AA Battery. Provides approximately 24 hours of standby time (depending on the brand of cell phone) or 100 to 180 minutes of talk time. Complies with Prop 65. 2 3/4" L x 3/4" W  ...

  • Emergency charger kit/radio


    #PONE562176 : 20141010

    : $

    Fluorescent light, flashlight, hand crank charger, emergency charger for Motorola (R), Nokia (R), and Samsung (R( cell phones, AM/FM radio and alarm siren.Minimum Production Time: 5 day(s)Size: 8" x 6"PRODUCT OPTIONOption for 3 C batteries$1.20 IMP...

  • Emergency charger kit and radio combination


    #PONE746028 : 20141010

    : $

    Combination radio and emergency charger kit, 8" x 6". Includes fluorescent light, flashlight, hand crank charger, emergency charger for many brand name cell phones, and AM/FM radio.Minimum Production Time: 5 day(s)Size: 8" x 6"PRODUCT OPTIONOption o...

  • Bullet Charge 10 - Emergency cell phone charger with one LED light and nine adapters


    #PONE481401 : 20141005

    : $

    Charger provides emergency power for your cell phone. Just insert one AA battery and connect the appropriate adapter to your phone for power to talk anywhere, anytime. Comes with nine cell phone adapters and one LED light. One AA battery is includ...

  • Emergency cell phone charger with 9 adapters and USB cable


    #PONE481404 : 20141005

    : $

    Emergency cell phone charger with 9 adapters, one USB cable and black drawstring pouch. Uses two AA batteries (included).Color: Burgundy, SilverSize: 3" x 1 3/8" x 5/8"IMPRINT METHODSilkscreenIMPRINT CHARGE - MISCELLANEOUSScreen Charge $50 /Color&nb...

  • Emergency cell phone charger


    #PONE268071 : 20140929

    : $

    Charge your cell phone with just 1 AA battery. Provides approximately 24 hours of standby time (depending on the brand of cell phone) or 100 to 180 minutes of talk time. Adapters included for major phone brands/models.Color: Black, SilverMinimum Pro...


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