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5 Products Found in Wholesale Air Compressors

  • Silver ABS plastic heavy duty air compressor, measures up to 260 psi., 12 volts.


    #OT1552347 : 20150225

    : $44.26

    Save your tires when on the road with this portable heavy duty compressor. This machine can measure up to 260 psi. It has 12 volt power and features a flashlight and emergency strobe light. The 9'5'' cord plugs into your car's cigarette adapter and h...

  • Air Compressor Kit


    #okokv549075 : 20141125

    : $25.75

    Includes 260 PSI air compressor w/ 3 adapters for all your inflating needs, tire gauge w/ dual scale measurements (PSI & kPa), kneeling pad, 4 moist towelettes, 4-pack tire valve caps; all packed into the Medium Barrel Bag (reinforced handles, bottom...

  • Heavy Duty Air Compressor


    #okokv4794 : 20141125

    : $42.78

    Keep tires and sports equipment properly inflated. Measures up to 260 psi. 12-volts. Features flashlight and emergency flash strobe light. AC power adapter with 9' 5" cord. Rubber feet with grips. Features multi-task adapters and a sport needle. Buil...

  • MS-5540 Accutire 300 PSI 12V Air Compressor with Light


    #okokv392751 : 20141125

    : $33.99

    *Must Order In Case Packs of 4* Air Compressor with Light makes it easy to reach every tire when checking the tire pressure. You won't have any problem filling your tires with air at night when using the Measurement Limited Air Compressor with Light....

  • Emergency air compressor kit inside a reinforced barrel bag


    #PONE146757 : 20140929

    : $

    Emergency air compressor kit inside a medium barrel bag. Bag has reinforced black handles and a bottom Velcro strip that adheres to vehicle's carpet. Kit includes a 260 PSI air compressor that operates from a vehicle lighter socket, 3 adapters for ...


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