Armchair Mobile Phone Holders

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Armchair Mobile Phone Holders

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7 Products Found in Wholesale Armchair Mobile Phone Holders

  • TargetLine - Chair cell phone holder / stress reliever.


    #OT1659741 : 20150225

    : $1.77

    Rest assured that your custom imprint or logo will garner attention when you select these chair / cell stress relievers! Ideal for holding a cellphone or TV remote these toys feature a polyurethane construction for convenient squeezing during a stres...

  • Chair Cell Phone Holder Stress Ball


    #OT381 : 20150204

    : $1.6

    Chair Cell Phone Holder stress reliever. Product not intended for use by children under 3 years of age or pets. Product Material: Polyurethane. Packaging: Bulk.Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 3".Imprint Area: 1-1/2" x 1/2" Footrest (Maximum of...

  • Beach Chair Cell Phone Holder


    #okokv590643 : 20141126

    : $1.65

    Chair holds your business cards or your cell phone. The perfect product versatile for any type of promotion. Foldable desk cell phone holder. 4" L x 5 3/4" W x 4 1/2" HImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Lounge Chair Cell Phone Holder


    #okokv590412 : 20141126

    : $1.8

    The lounge chair shape cell phone holder for a desk is a great way to have your cell phone lounge around with you! A wonderful addition for the home or office. Perfect for any desktop or table, this cell phone holder is a functional and unique style ...

  • Chair Cell Phone Holder/ Stress Toys


    #okokv25761 : 20141125

    : $1.85

    Chair cell phone holder. Complies with CPSIA. 3" W x 3" H x 3" DImprint Method: Pad printed  ...

  • Chair cell phone holder stress reliever


    #PONE334461 : 20140929

    : $

    Minimum Production Time: 4 day(s)Size: 3" x 3" x 1"ADDITIONAL COLORS4th color. $0.09 /Unit3rd color. $0.13 /UnitADDITIONAL LOCATION3rd location $0.13 /Unit4th location $0.09 /UnitIMPRINT METHODPrintedIMPRINT CHARGE - MISCELLANEOUSSet up charge Plate ...

  • Chair cell phone holder/stress reliever


    #PONE60267 : 20140929

    : $

    Squeezable polyurethane chair stress reliever that holds you TV remote. pager and cell phone. Safety advisory: These products are not intended for use by children under 3 years old or pets.Material: PolyurethaneColor: Blue, Red, Silver, White, Yell...


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