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24 Products Found in Wholesale Cord Winders

  • Large Automatic Cord Winder


    #OT796092 : 20150331

    : $7.2

    Never Fight Tangled Cords Again! Recoil Automatic Cord Winders instantly and automatically wind and organize cords and cables — eliminating the universal frustration of tangled cords. Spring-loaded and totally automatic, this unique cord managem...

  • Promotional Cord Winder Landi


    #OT896871 : 20150331

    : $.28

    Nylon Velcro cable tie. ColoursBlack, Blue, Red, YellowPrint type and positionImprint Type: Screen; PadImprint Locations: 1 Position ...

  • Promotional Cord Winder Kail


    #OT896520 : 20150331

    : $5.31

    Magnetic headphone cord winder (headphones not included). ColoursBlue, Red, WhitePrint type and positionImprint Type: Screen; PadImprint Locations: 1 Position ...

  • Printed Kail earphones cord winder


    #OT892656 : 20150331

    : $5.98

    Plastic cord winder for earphones. It has two magnetic parts for easy attachent on clothes or bags. Dimensions42 mm (D) x12mm (H)ColoursRedPrint type and positionImprint Type: PrintImprint Locations: 1 PositionAll dimensions are in millimet...

  • Promotional Kail earphones cord winder


    #OT892413 : 20150331

    : $5.98

    Plastic cord winder for earphones. It has two magnetic parts for easy attachent on clothes or bags. Dimensions42 mm (D) x12mm (H)ColoursBluePrint type and positionImprint Type: PrintImprint Locations: 1 PositionAll dimensions are in millime...

  • The Core Cord Winder - Closeout


    #OT246459 : 20150330

    : $1.29

     The CORE™ is the perfect solution!  Simply wind the cord around the sturdy yet flexible plastic and let it take away your frustrations.  Cord ends fit into notches, so it always stays on.  Takes up slack while i...

  • BlueLounge POP Cord Winder


    #OT221538 : 20150330

    : $6.98

    Attaches to actual device Attach to the device with a large suction cup then wind the cord around itGreat for mobile phones; mp3 players; monitors or laptopsAdhesive pad Cord management in a compact package & it's the ultimate tiny cord winder...

  • Freestyle Wrapping Cord Winder


    #OT220425 : 20150330

    : $1.08

    Oh, oh, listen to the music Prevents tanglingShorten earbud wire lengthLarge imprint area Or at least wrap your earbuds up so you don't have to deal with untangling them every time you use them. It's hard to manage your smartphone charger and ...

  • Leeds Cord Winder


    #OT184170 : 20150330

    : $.48

    Features:Use this compact cord winder to reduce wire clutter on your deskThis piece will wind up to a 3 ftStandard 1/8" diameter cordUse multiple cord winders to totally organize all of your electronicsMaterials:ABS PlasticSize:H 2.36" x W 0.96" x L ...

  • Macaroon Cord Winder with Earbud


    #OT127716 : 20150330

    : $8.12

    Fun color. Flexible silicone macaroon-shaped ear bud holder with keyring. Matching color marshmallow shaped 2-tone ear buds that wrap inside the case. Small and compact - great for travel!...

  • Macaroon Cord Winder with Promotional Earbuds


    #OT47574 : 20150330

    : $7.49

    Flexible silicone macaroon shaped promotional earbud holder with keyring is the must have travel accessory. Matching color marshmallow shaped 2-tone custom earbuds that wrap inside the case. Small and compact, this is an ideal gift for music lovers...

  • Blue Lounge Cable YoYo Cord Winder


    #OT21714 : 20150330

    : $9.23

    High shine, flat plastic empty spool to wrap your existing cord around. Fits cord up to 5mm in diameter (covers all low-voltage chargers, USB, Firewire, data and telephone cables). Ultra-thin design so cord can't overlap. Neat coilin...

  • Elastic keyring with extension cord and clip.


    #OT1545954 : 20150225

    : $2.15

    Elastic keyring with clip. Extension cord can be extended up to 30 inches. Material: Plastic Color: Green, Pink Normal Production Time: 10 business day(s) Size: 1.77 " x 1.18 " x 0.39 " Price Includes:One...

  • USB cell phone holder that can be used as a USB extension cord.


    #OT1409478 : 20150225

    : $3.14

    Here is the ulitimate in portability and convenience! This USB Cell Phone Holder can be used as a USB extension cord so you can charge on the go! Plug your phone or other device into the USB port and use as a cell phone or digital music player stand ...

  • USB 4 Port Hub Calculator / Clock with Extension Cord


    #OT116412 : 20150204

    : $9.96

    Personalized calculators have more built-in extras now than they did 15 years ago. For example, take a look at the USB 4 Port Hub Calculator / Clock with Extension Cord. It's a calculator, a computer hub, a timer, and a clock all in one, and it's rea...

  • POP Cord Winder


    #ov330117 : 20141127

    : $6.99

    Cord management in a compact package - it's the ultimate tiny cord winder! Manages wires with a spindle for your wires to wrap around, and it works by being attached to the actual device or onto the supplied belt clip option. Attach to the device wit...

  • Modem Telephone Extension Cord


    #okokv495981 : 20141125

    : $2.28

    Modem, Telephone, Extension, Plastic, Translucent, Retractable. 3" L x 2" HImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Mini Retractable USB Extension Cord


    #okokv86001 : 20141125

    : $4.15

    USB A to A high speed extension cable. USB flat cable (version 2.0) with auto retractable case. Mini-USB cable allows up to 480 Mbps with plug and plug connection. Cord extends to o full 4 ft. length. Includes 4 color process epoxy dome decal for log...

  • Eight foot ethernet cord winder


    #PONE248517 : 20141010

    : $

    Unwind up to 8' or LAN ready (CAT5) ethernet cord. Comes with an autoretract button for easy storage.Color: Black, Blue, SilverMinimum Production Time: 10 day(s)Size: 4 1/8" x 2 7/8"ADDITIONAL COLORSAdditional Color QURIMPRINT METHODSilkscreenIMPRINT...

  • USB cord winder with 5 1/2' cord


    #PONE251304 : 20141010

    : $

    USB 5 1/2' cord winder. Use to charge cell phone from your laptop. Comes with 2 cell phone adapters. Connects to light (included) when needed to work.Minimum Production Time: 10 day(s)Size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/16"ADDITIONAL COLORSAdditional Color QURIMPR...


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