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"We ordered 3000pcs keychains at wholesale price for our promo tional event ,good price!good qu ality!will buy again..." --Alan,United States More . . .

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6 Products Found in Wholesale PVC Cards

  • Printed Soft Pvc Card Holders


    #OT872556 : 20150331

    : $.85

    Card Holder Dimensions128X87mmColoursVariousPrint type and positionImprint Type: Customised to fitImprint Locations: On ApplicationAll dimensions are in millimetres ...

  • Promotional Soft Pvc Card Holders


    #OT872496 : 20150331

    : $.8

    Top loading soft PVC card holder. Dimensions 113x101mm external, to take maximum insert size 105x78mm in landscape. Supplied as plain stock. Minimum order 50. Fittings & inserts are not included in the unit rates, please enquire. Use free software do...

  • PVC Card


    #ov588201 : 20141127

    : $.35

    PVC card. 4-color process printing on both sides. 30mil thick. Great item for promotions. 3 3/8" L x 2 1/8" W  ...

  • 3D Cardboard Glasses


    #okokv361569 : 20141125

    : $.16

    First-hand manufacturer, High-quality with competitive prices. Make you see three-dimensional world from special movies. 16" L x 1.5" W  ...

  • Lenticular calendar, 8875" x 1375 open with x 8875" 3D card


    #PONE541224 : 20140929

    : $

    Lenticular calendar, 8.875" x 13.75" open with 6" x 8.875" 3D lenticular card. One of our best sellers, our 3D calendars actually find their way onto your customer's walls. Our calendars can start on any month.Minimum Production Time: 25 day(s)IMPR...

  • iXtreme3D - Custom 3D card composed of high resolution images on lenticular lens front


    #PONE920094 : 20140929

    : $

    Custom 3D card composed of high resolution images on lenticular lens front. With full color underside print. Use 1.2 second video segments, layered multiphase display, animated graphics and 3D effects to fully engage consumers with your promotiona...


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