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59 Products Found in Wholesale Penlights

  • Overseas LED pen light with pocket clip.


    #OT1439397 : 20150331

    : $1.9

    Send your company's promotional campaign in the "write" direction by selecting this incredible marketing tool. Use this LED pen light with pocket clip as a fun giveaway for tradeshows. This popular style flashlight features a super bright LED light, ...

  • Solstice - Pen light with half plastic silver barrel and rubberized bottom grip.


    #OT1438803 : 20150331

    : $2.15

    Make a lasting impression with this sleek Solstice pen. The Solstice pen light features a half plastic silver barrel and rubberized bottom grip with a flashlight at the opposite end and a medium point black refill. Battery blocker included for added...

  • Tool Zone (TM) CREE (R) - Pen light.


    #OT1438038 : 20150331

    : $20.59

    Pen light. Don't let the size of this light fool you, powered by our Cree (R) bulb, the light emits an impressive 120 lumens and has the ability to zoom in and out. This executive penlight makes a terrific gift for nay occasion or industry as it neat...

  • WorkMate (TM) - Built-in level and pen light that also works as a screwdriver.


    #OT1437573 : 20150331

    : $4.4

    The Workmate Screwdriver Level light is the best tool for those unanticipated needs for a penlight. It has a built-in level and pen light, but it also works as a screwdriver. Includes 4 screwdriver bits (2 flat head and 2 Phillips head) stored undern...

  • Aluminum LED pen light.


    #OT1436457 : 20150331

    : $2.49

    Light up a room with your words by using the Aluminum LED pen light. This pocket penlight is made of a durable aluminum material and holds four replaceable button cell batteries. With its compact size, this penlight will provide long-lasting power. G...

  • Promotional Gift our Pen light with aluminum construction and chrome accents


    #OT1188537 : 20150331

    : $3.72

    Aluminum plunge-action ballpoint pen features an LED light that illuminates the ballpoint writing surface every other time the refill is extended, ribbed grip area, chrome accent trims and clip, and black ink. Material: Aluminum Col...

  • Pen Light


    #OT831945 : 20150331

    : $1.83

    Single LED inspection pen light, Ideal for Health care promotions. ...

  • Pilot 400 Stylus Pen Light Combo


    #OT758451 : 20150330

    : $4.59

    Cap-off 3 in 1 capacitive soft-touch stylus with LED flashlight and ballpoint pen. 5" long convenient aluminum body in translucent and lacquer colors. Works on all capacitive touch screens. 5" L   ...

  • 400 Stylus Pen Light Combo


    #OT758448 : 20150330

    : $5.12

    Cap-off 3 in 1 capacitive soft-touch stylus with LED flashlight and ballpoint pen. 5" long convenient aluminum body in translucent and lacquer colors. Works on all capacitive touch screens. 5" L   ...

  • Stylus Pen Light


    #OT207396 : 20150330

    : $2.39

    Features:Cap-off design ballpointCapacitive stylus that works with iPad™, iPhone™, Droid™ and other touch screen devicesBright LED flashlightChrome cap and pocket clipColored brass barrelRubber pen gripMatte silver pen tipBlack inkM...

  • Pen Light/Stylus for Touchscreen Mobile Devices


    #OT195576 : 20150330

    : $1.98

    Features:Features soft silicone stylus for use with iPads®, iPhones®, tablets and other touchscreen devicesBright LED light bulbStylus cap with metal clip houses ballpoint penMaterials:ABS PlasticSoft Silicone (Stylus)Size:5" longColor(s):BlueBlackSi...

  • Light Up Flashlight - Pen Light - Clip On


    #OT99186 : 20150330

    : $2.47

    Clip on mini flashlight Super bright single white LED Handy pocket clip Button cell batteries included View Specifications Specifications Minimum: 50 Availability: 24 hrs ...

  • Light ''n'' Write torch pen


    #OT796788 : 20150226

    : $1.42

    Dual purpose gadget, a single LED torch with capped ballpoint pen and clip. Blue Ink. This product can be printed a maximum of 1 colours. ...

  • Promotional Banner Torch Pen


    #OT945186 : 20150225

    : $1.94

    The Banner Torch Pen is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a Pen, Torch and the Banner allows ample space for your branding message. The battery powered LED Torch Pen comes in a range of colours or can be pantone matched for an additional cos...

  • Printed Torch Pen Tinga


    #OT947133 : 20150225

    : $.96

    Promotional torch it also a pen. Blue ink. ColoursBlue, Red, YellowPrint type and positionImprint Type: Pad; ScreenImprint Locations: 1 Position ...

  • Clip On Flashlight / Pen Light


    #ov552018 : 20150126

    : $3.79

    Super bright single LED. Handy pocket clip. Button cell batteries included. 3 1/8" L x 1/2" WImprint Method: Pad printed  ...

  • Light Up Pen Light w/ Clip - Silver


    #ov551916 : 20150126

    : $4.82

    A high quality aluminum bright LED pen sized flashlight with a pocket clip. Includes 1 AAA battery packed separately. 2" LImprint Method: Pad printed  ...

  • Light Up Pen Light w/ Clip - Blue


    #ov551913 : 20150126

    : $4.82

    A high quality aluminum bright LED pen sized flashlight with a pocket clip. Includes 1 AAA battery packed separately. 2" LImprint Method: Pad printed  ...

  • Medical Pen Light


    #ov547344 : 20150126

    : $.85

    Fully re-usable multi function medical pen light. Sealed concentric beam, disposable diagnostic pen lights. Activated by depressing pocket clip. Each pen light measures 5.5" long, 0.79" diameter. Available in a variety of colors.  ...

  • Pen light


    #ov366873 : 20150126

    : $2.66

    Pen light,Flashlight with pen shape,it is very convinent and handsome. 146mm L x 14mm DiameterImprint Method: Screen printed  ...


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