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"We ordered 3000pcs keychains at wholesale price for our promo tional event ,good price!good qu ality!will buy again..." --Alan,United States More . . .

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24 Products Found in Wholesale Bibs

  • Poplin Event Bib Pinnie


    #OT826707 : 20150331

    : $10.42

    These lightweight poly-cotton bibs come in 26 colors and are a unique alternative to traditional event giveaways. Each durable bib has plenty of room for the printed logo that you prefer, making it an affordable way to promote your company or ev...

  • Oversize Event Bib


    #OT708528 : 20150331

    : $13.35

    • 15” wide x 15” high (front and back) • 65/35 polycotton broadcloth or poplin • matching or contrasting trim and ties (Each side tie is 12" long) • blank or imprinted front and back • Available with numbering • 50 unit Minimum Order • Imprint A...

  • Standard Event Bib


    #OT708522 : 20150331

    : $11.5

    • 12” wide x 12” high (front and back)• 65/35 polycotton broadcloth or poplin• matching or contrasting trim and ties (Each side tie is 12" long)• blank or imprinted front and back• Available with numbering• 50 unit Minimum Order• Imprint Area: 8...

  • Poplin Event Bib


    #OT591513 : 20150204

    : $10.38

    Others will take note of your brand when you choose the Volunteer Event Bib for your next marketing campaign. This poly cotton promo white event bib is a perfect giveaway at any event. The product includes a white body with ...

  • Twill Event Bib


    #OT591507 : 20150204

    : $13.75

    Outfit your caddies with these iron-free twill golf bibs. White body for maximum number/imprint visibility and choice of binding. The product features easy side ties and a bartack on stress points. A Perfect item for any eve...

  • Nylon Golf Caddy Bib


    #OT591510 : 20150204

    : $12.38

    This lightweight golf caddy bib fits neatly over any polo shirt or tee and can be worn by men or women. The durable nylon comes in 10 classic colors and is a wonderful way to display a printed logo or message. Each affordabl...

  • Twill 2-tone Event Bib


    #OT504483 : 20150204

    : $31.25

    Your employees are your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to have them help you with your advertising efforts and the Contrast bib is the best thing to do that. This smock features a practical design with all around bin...

  • Event Bib


    #ov388713 : 20150123

    : $5.95

    Nylon tie up racing bib. 100% nylon.Imprint Method: Screen printed, embroidery  ...

  • Child Event Bib w/ Elastic /11"x14"


    #ov388647 : 20150123

    : $7.5

    11 x 14" Event Bib in poly cotton twill with elastic side straps. 11" W x 14" H  ...

  • Event Bib Regular Style


    #ov388644 : 20150123

    : $10.95

    Our Event Bibs are 65/35 Poly cotton broad cloth or poplin with matching or contrasting trim and ties (Each side tie is 12" long). Blank or imprinted front and back with numbering up to 999 available. 12" W x 12" HImprint Method: Screen printed ...

  • Large Event Bib w/ Ties /14"x21"


    #ov388605 : 20150123

    : $9.5

    14 x 21" Event Bib of poly Cotton Twill with tie closure. 14" W x 21" H  ...

  • Nylon Golf Caddy/ Event Bib (13"x13")


    #ov388584 : 20141127

    : $10.31

    Outfit your caddies with these nylon golf bibs. Light weight and all weather wear Nylon bib with easy side ties. Perfect for any event. Fabric: 210D Nylon. 13" L x 13" WImprint Method: Screen printed  ...

  • Regular Event Bib w/ Ties /12"x19"


    #okokv388566 : 20141127

    : $8.5

    12 X 19" Event Bib in Poly Cotton twill and tie closure. 12" W x 19" H  ...

  • 2 Tone Twill Cobbler Apron Smock/ Golf Caddy Bib (18"x27")


    #okokv369351 : 20141126

    : $27.51

    Practical and durable, this cobbler apron smock features all-around binding. side ties and 2 bottom pockets. White body and assorted accent trim colors. Smock constructed of durable poly/cotton twill and bartacked on stress points for wear and tear. ...

  • Poplin Golf Caddy/ Volunteer Event Bib (13"x13")


    #okokv388548 : 20141126

    : $8.65

    Outfit your caddies with these Polycotton promo white event bibs. Perfect for give away at any event. Fabric: 5oz. Poplin Easy side ties. Bartack on stress. Perfect for any events. Any color combination available. 13" L x 13" WImprint Method: Screen...

  • Valet 2 Tone Event Bib Cobbler Apron (18"x27")


    #okokv280233 : 20141126

    : $25.01

    Cobbler apron smock features all-around white contrast binding, side ties and 2 bottom pockets with protective pocket flap. Smock constructed of durable Poly/Cotton Twill and bartacked on stress points for wear and tear. Pocket: 8.5"x8". 18" W x 27"...

  • Contrast Event Bib Twill Cobbler Apron w/ White Binding (15.5"x24.5")


    #okokv280230 : 20141126

    : $26.05

    Twill Safety/ Event Vest with white contrast trim and side ties. 10" ties. 15.5" W x 24.5" LImprint Method: Screen printed, embroidery  ...

  • Hip Number Wearable Event Bib


    #okokv255804 : 20141125

    : $1.95

    Rounded corners. Our hip numbers meet with the U.S. Cycling Federation requirements. 7 7/8" L x 7 7/8" W  ...

  • Light weight and all weather nylon event bib with easy side ties


    #PONE710892 : 20141005

    : $

    Perfect for any event.Material: NylonColor: Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, White, YellowMinimum Production Time: 5 day(s)Size: 13" x 13"PRODUCT OPTIONCall for more OptionsADDITIONAL COLORS$0.25 /Color...

  • Volunteer - Poly cotton promo white event bib


    #PONE710895 : 20141005

    : $

    Poly cotton promo white event bib. Perfect for give away at any event. 65/35% poly cotton.Material: Poly/Cotton BlendColor: WhiteMinimum Production Time: 5 day(s)Size: One Size, 13" x 13"PRODUCT OPTIONTrim colorWineRedHot pinkLight pinkOrangeBright y...


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